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Static Websites

Static websites are simple websites that can be built quickly and are not editable within a content management system.

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    Simple & Affordable

    Static websites are the most simple websites we offer.

    If you don’t require a large website, just a small page with contact details, then a static website might be the best option for you. Our static websites start at £100 and can be designed and developed in around 1 week.

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    Fast & Reliable

    Static websites don’t run on a content management system and are generally very simple, meaning there is less to slow the website down.

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    Ongoing Support

    We recommend hosting your website with us, as we’ll make sure your website is running smoothly and also be available all week for technical help.

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Client Testimonials

  • Colour & Code delivered an amazing site that is now taking my business to a whole new level. My new site is lightening fast, has amazing functionality and is already delving the upside I want.

    Colour & Code will not just work on the website, but offers additional support which I have needed during the process.

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  • Colour & Code created a bespoke e-commerce website for our tech case products. Our new website runs on WordPress and makes it super easy for us to add products.

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  • Without Colour & Code our website would never have been ready in time!Colour & Code worked efficiently and effectively to a very short time scale to produce a website that we can be proud of.

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  • Colour & Code has recently designed me a website for my business and I can honestly say its brilliant….from start to finish its taken no more than 3 weeks and is exactly what I wanted and more. I would definitely recommend this company…it’s for you if you want to achieve exactly what you want with no stress at all!!! 

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  • Colour & Code host our existing website. We were looking for an affordable host that offered technical support when needed, but most importantly we wanted servers that run on SSD. We can also easily manage our hosting through our own Plesk panel, used to manage our server.

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