We're Colour & Code

We make beautiful websites.

Beautiful Web Design


All of our websites keep up with the latest design trends and are catered precisely to your needs.

Web design isn’t just the layout of your website, it’s planning how your users will interact with it and what they will be thinking whilst doing so.

We design our websites at a variety of screen sizes so you see exactly how your website will look in its final state.

Bespoke Web Development


In development, we take our design and turn it into a real, functioning website.

All of our websites are bespoke to each client, tailored exactly to their needs. We can create simple blogs through to fully-fledged E-commerce solutions that allow detailed sales reports and analytics tools.

Web hosting


Whether you have a website with us or would just like hosting, we offer affordable web hosting solutions starting at just £10 per month. Our web servers run on Plesk, where you’ll get your own server login details so you can add domains, emails, sub-domains and more.


If you’re low on disk space, you can even upgrade to a completely unlimited server for just £20/month.